Favorite Vaping App Features – Three Software Characteristics We Want To See On All Vape Apps and Compatible Vape Pens

vapingAs a software we always like to stay in tune with the more creative app solutions that are finding there way to the market.  The fact of the matter is that with the advent of tablets, smart phones and wearable devices app software has become some of the most valuable and important coding we use within our everyday lives.   There is now an app for almost every aspect of life.  From fitness to health to productivity to home automation to almost anything you can think is improving through app technology.  As software designers ourselves we find that there is a lot to learn from the app market and community by studying the various app releases for given niches.  One such industry that has really caught our eye recently in regards to app development is the vaping and vape pen market.  One of more popular activities of the current times we wanted to learn more about what makes up great vaping app software and here are our findings.

Must Have Vaping App Software Feature and Characteristic Number 1: Vape and Dab Pen Battery Lifespan Estimator and Tracker

There is little worse then being out and about with your vape pen only to have it run out of batteries.  A lot of our vaping is done while on the go or traveling and it can get frustrating not knowing the overall status of your dab pen which is why battery tracking is so valuable of an app software feature.  Knowing your vape pens battery life and status goes along way towards making sure your vaping device is always ready to go.

Must Have Vaping App Software Feature and Characteristic Number 2: Vaping Calculators

When it comes to expert vaping there is a lot to calibrate and calculate which is why we think robust vaping calculator app software is so important.  From using Ohm’s law to determine currents and wattage to coil wrapping calculations to eliquid mix quantities to savings recommendations there can be a lot of math involved when trying to take your vaping knowledge and skills to the next level.  We feel every good vape app should have software that can do all the necessary calculations to provide the ultimate vaping experience.

Must Have Vaping App Software Feature and Characteristic Number 3: Tobacco Smoking Quitting Tools

One of the biggest reasons to vape for many is try and quit smoking tobacco products which is an effort we all should encourage for any loved one battling with nicotine addiction.  Since vaping is widely used for this purpose we feel its extremely valuable for any vape pen app software to contain tools and resources to not only track progress but to also make process of quitting easier.  Features we found useful in this department were time quit tracking, cigarette count avoidance, expense manager, health improvement monitor, and other vital stats like how much life is being regained or number of cravings resisted.  Apps are pretty powerful as evidenced by the above and its impressive to see them integrated into the vaping community with such a wide range of software offerings.  If you could pick out any vape pen app software to have what would it be?

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