Smartphone Trends – Making The Move To Mobile

Given the current online mobile technology environment it is hard to deny the mass appeal of the smartphone. With almost all positive smartphone trends heading upwards there is little to argue when discussing how powerful of an impact they are having on our lives. With an ability to help improve near every aspect of our lives we have to think our reliance on and infatuation with the smartphone should only continue to increase over time. We feel that by identifying the current smartphone trends our ability to create mobile products that people want will increase in turn making the smartphone landscape that much better for us all. Lets review this Infographic by aericon and see what insights we can pick up on in order to identify what the smartphone market will demand going forward into the future.


Smartphone and Mobile Technology Trend #1: 410 Million Asia Pacific Smartphone Subscribers

One of the best aspects of smartphones is that there really are no boundaries when it comes to there use. Truly a universal way to communicate there really is no part of the world that is not currently being impacted by the growth of the smartphone. Our take away from this revelation is the fact that our products need to not only have a global appeal but also be accessible to the entire global audience.

Smartphone and Mobile Technology Trend #2: 39% of People Are Light Mobile Shoppers

Sure its only light shopping and small purchases but if 40% of people on smartphones are actually buying products and services online then there is a huge largely untapped market slowly forming. While it does take some time and effort to get set up and feel comfortable with internet shopping because of the popularity of smartphones now more and more people are becoming willing to take that leap. This is telling news for businesses and alerts us to the fact that people are shopping online and it is up to us to figure out how to capture their attention and dollars.

Smartphone and Mobile Technology Trend #3: 13% of Marketers Use Location Based Services

The lowest percentage market infiltration among mobile smartphone marketers is location based service utilization which is a great indication of untapped market area that might provide some extra value due to a lack of competition. Imagine a ringtone that changes based on your location? What about your mobile smartphone’s screen saver or wallpaper transforming based on where you are at the current moment. The possibilities seem endless when it comes to mobile based location products and services and this a great reminder to try and be at the forefront of these emerging trends.

What new feature would you like to see on your smartphone? What is your current most favorite smartphone feature you use right now?

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